Story Mantra


I wrote this phrase on the first page of my 2018 journal, a sort of mantra to set the tone for the year. 

A Wrinkle In Time – the whole series – holds my earliest memories of favorite sagas. Progonoskes spoke these words to Meg, just before setting off to another planet: “Are you feeling extremely brave, Megling?”

I wrote the mantra on my hand and took this photo from the plane over Belize in February before traversing through the jungles, hiking over ruins, and exploring ancient caves. 

I carried the mantra with me to bring my children hiking over parts of the Appalachian Trail, as we played Candyland on the highest peak of the Eastern US. 

✨I whispered it in the dark, through the rain, as I climbed high into a jungle and slept beside volcanoes in Guatemala. 

While I flew my children (all 3!) for the first time to Boston and traveled to Maine. 

As I became acquainted with Joshua Tree and stargazed in solitude on the top of mountains in Malibu. 

I saw the words behind my eyes each time my voice shook while sharing my writing with strangers who became friends. As I opened my own creative circles with old friends. As I said ‘yes’ to new opportunities in business and relationships. 

I’d say the mantra served me well. Thanks 2018, for giving me opportunities to do the things that scare and thrill me! 

What will be your 2019 mantra? I’m still leaving space for mine – May it find me before midnight 🙂

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